[14/200] So Far Away - Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Jamie Scott, Romy Dya
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collection avatarso far away by david guetta, martin garrix, romy dya, jamie scott | anotherblock

[14/200] ROMY DYA brings you SO FAR AWAY is a powerful edm track released in 2017 by martin garrix and david guetta, featuring jamie scott and romy dya on vocals. the song is a heart-wrenching portrayal of the longing and pain felt in a long-distance relationship.. Every token represents 0.01% ownership of the music streaming rights - earn royalties alongside ROMY DYA when it streams.

learn more about the drop https://anotherblock.io/so-far-away

read the full contract https://anotherblock.mypinata.cloud/ipfs/Qmai39jbKb7bwJX6Gq5SkyAbT1TRoRHxzM885pggRytywf

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